Interpersonal Communication

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Advice Outcome Scale

Affinity Seeking Instrument (AFI)

Anticipation of Future Interaction Scale

Anticipation for Future Interaction

Attachment Styles Scale

Behavioral Deviance

Beliefs About Deception

Causes Precipitating Relational Disengagement

Communication Flexibility Scale

Communication Responses to Jealousy Scale (CRJ)

Conversational Failure & Success

Distancing Behavior Measure

Emotional Intensity to Lying

Episodic Relational Uncertainty

Evoking Jealousy Scale

Friendship Satisfaction

General Inventory of Friendship Intimacy (GIFI)

General Friendship Inventory (GFI)

Impression Development Measure

Information Seeking & Monitoring

Information Management Scale

Interaction Incentive Value

Interpersonal Attraction

Interpersonal Attraction Measure

Interpersonal Communication Motives Scale

Interpersonal Defensiveness

Interpersonal Dominance Scale

Interpersonal Homophily Measure

Interpersonal Uncertainty

Interpersonal Uncertainty Scale

Love Languages Scale

Perceived Advice Scale

Perceived Behavioral Receptivity Measure

Perceived Behavioral Output Measure

Perceived Deceit Measure

Predicted Outcome Value

Perceived Similarity to Partner

Perceived Understanding Instrument

Perceptions of Communicative Behavior

Perceptions of Lying

Relational Communication Measure

Relationship Escalation & Deescalation Scale

Relational Uncertainty Measure

Relationship Stability Strategies

Secret Test

Self-Disclosure Scale

Social Support Scale

Solidarity Scale

State Suspicion of Lying

Uses of Humor Index (UHI)