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Purpose: This measure was developed to examine peoples’ needs for various mediated forms of communication.

Number of items: The measure consists of 11 Likert-type items.

Format: The exact anchors used in the study were not provided.

Original Sample: The sample consisted of 649 people in the general population collected by trained undergraduate researchers for extra credit. The mean of the sample was 35.65, and 48.2% of the sample was male.

Reliability: reliability coefficients were not presented in this article.

Validity: Validity was not specifically discussed in this article.

Critique: While this measure has interesting theoretical merit, the exact meaningfulness of this measure is hard to ascertain because of a lack of concrete measurement information. Specifically, this article did not mention how the 11 communication news needs were measured, there is no information on relaibility, and no information on validity. Future research definitely needs to take these problems into account before attempting to utilize this measure.

Source: Perse, E. M., & Courtright, J. A. (1993). Normative images of communication media: Mass and interpersonal channels in the new media environment. Human Communication Research, 19, 485-503.

Categories: Mass Communication, Computer-Mediated Communication